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"Make the World More Awesome"  The WMS Attitude is Contagious!

Election Pictures of the WinnersWhitewater Middle School celebrated the annual Student Council Election on Friday, September 30.  The student body had the opportunity to learn about government, the election process, and the characteristics of being a great leader.  Science teacher, Mike Stutzman, was the master of ceremonies for the event, providing well-delivered words, with humor.  Our keynote speaker, Pastor Amy Waelchli, from Trinity Lutheran Church in Fort Atkinson, and parent in our WUSD school district lead the event with some very wise words.  She shared some important and heart-felt messages about the responsibility and opportunity to be the best you can be.  She excitedly told the WMS Students "To make the world more awesome, start with yourself.  Be. More. Awesome. (.....) Be reliable (....), Be honest (...), Be loyal (...), and  (....) be loving."  She continued her speech by sharing, "This list – be reliable, honest, loyal, and loving – it isn’t easy and it takes ongoing work. Every person in this room older than you is STILL working on this.  And we’re supposed to! Don’t mistake this list with a final destination.  (....) This world, sadly, will try to infect you with anger and a bad attitude. You are too smart to fall for it! Keep at it people.  The world needs to be more awesome.  It starts with you and you can make it contagious."  The full day of activities concluded with the announcement of the new student body presidents.  Congratulations Carter, Josie, and Aidyn!