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7th Grade Native American Day
Native American Day Pictures

Native American Day is an annual integrated enrichment event for 7th graders that was held on Tuesday, September 19th at Whitewater Middle School. Community members and area presenters were invited into our school and helped students learn about Native American culture and values. Students learned how Native American families are different and yet in other ways the same as their own families. This year’s presenters included:

Art Shegonee from McFarland – Art was recently honored to be named 2017 Ambassador to this year’s Indian Summer Festival in Milwaukee.  He shared valuable native wisdom with students which included a call for peace and the honoring of diversity as traditional Native American values.

Genevieve Ebert from Waukesha – Genevieve is a lifelong trapper and has the largest collection of fur bearing wild mammals in the state of Wisconsin. Students were allowed a hands-on opportunity to check out the huge variety of animals as they listened to interesting stories about her hunting and trapping experiences.

Richard Grybush from Pewaukee – Students learned about ancient spear throwing and got to practice with the atlatl, a Native American dart-like weapon.

Terry Ames from Elkhorn – Terry shared his knowledge of flintknapping and demonstrated how to make arrowheads and other primitive tools out of stone.

Mark Denning from Milwaukee – Students learned about the game of lacrosse and its Native American origins and purpose.  They then had great fun playing the game which has few rules and no boundaries.

Bill Sydow from Whitewater – Taught students about different types of Native American food dishes and students were able to taste test several of them including salmon, venison, wild boar, dried turkey, beans, wild rice,“ three sisters” soup, dried fruits and nuts/seeds, fry bread, corn bread, and maple syrup. A special thank you goes out to Rochelle Ahrens for helping Bill, and also to Cathy Luebke, Lorie Radke, and Marge Watson for helping to make the fry bread.

Native American Day pics