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Whitewater Unified School District Welcomes....
Always Connected

Sgt. Rich’s goal is to create “teachable moments” to help bridge the gap between students and adults, be they administrators or parents. He aims to open the lines of communication through education and awareness by sharing both the personal and legal consequences of misusing technology, social media, and popular apps like Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and so many others.

Sgt. Rich challenges audiences to go beyond stereotypes, become upstanders, and to be aware of the dangers that lurk behind the screen. In doing so, he addresses the problems that children face using technology and how these pitfalls not only lead to cyberbullying, but also to dangerous behaviors like cutting and suicide.


Using videos and creative solutions, Sgt. Rich’s high energy presentations lead the audience on an engaging journey, showing how the many forms of communication available today can also be used positively. He reinforces the idea that character education and supportive school climates are the keys to changing our youth’s experiences.

  • FREE CHILDCARE and supervised OPEN GYM as only adults will be admitted to the auditorium
  • REFRESHMENTS will be served!