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Whitewater Middle School Spelling Bee Results

spelling bee winnersThe annual school spelling bee was held at Whitewater Middle School on Thursday, January 23. Congratulations to the following winners:

1st place – Zoe Olson, 7th grade with the winning words of senile and aspersions.

2nd place – Devin Parboteeah, 8th grade. Devin went out on the word therapeutic.
3rd place - A’lani Rogers, 7th grade. A’lani went out on the word depot

The top 6th-grade speller was Quinton O’Toole who went out on the word withers   

Good luck to Zoe as she advances to compete at the Regional CESA 2 Spelling Bee on Wednesday, January 29th at Whitewater High School. 
Attached picture L-R: A'lani Rogers, Zoe Olson, Devin Parboteeah, Quinton O'Toole