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Whitewater Middle School Spelling Bee Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the annual Spelling Bee held on January 31st!

After a grueling showdown and needing to locate additional words….Spelling bee winners picture

1st place – Sophie Walton, 8th grade with the winning word of constabulary.

2nd place – Andrew Rollette, 8th grade. Andrew went out on the word prestidigitation

3rd place - Madison Strickler, 8th grade. Madison made her final error on the word coppice.

The top winner for 7th grade was Henry Mortimer who went out on the word supercilious.

The top winner for 6th grade was Nate Black who went out on the word tempestuous.

Everyone that participated did an awesome job and should be proud of their voluminous spelling ability. Great job everyone! Good luck to Sophie as she advances to compete at the regional Scripps Spelling Bee.

Pictured (L-R)- Nate Black, Sophie Walton, Andrew Rollette, Madison Strickler, Henry Mortimer