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Science Immersion Day at MSOE

Science immersion day pictureThese students traveled to the Milwaukee School of Engineering on September 17 to participate in a special Science Immersion Day that was organized by the Southern Lakes Advanced Learner Network president, Lynn vonHuben. Ms. vonHuben is also the WUSD Advanced Learner Coordinator for our elementary schools. While there, students were challenged to build zip lines and weight bearing boats. They also toured the campus and had an interesting and fun classroom experience learning about building roadways and then were able to observe compression testing cement.


Students (pictured L-R)

Front (5th graders) - Emerson Dunham,  Stephanie Wence, Aimee Servin, Dante Baker

Back (6th graders) - Silas Baker, Colton Travis, Ghati Binagi, Cosette Wildermuth-Breitzman