Joanie McGowan
Why Whitewater?

I have found a community where people are valued for their individuality... teachers are supported to collaboratively design energetic, creative, and innovative lessons...parents and community members provide resources for all to succeed.

Room: 29
Phone: 262-472-8331

My career at Whitewater Middle School began 25 years ago when I was hired as an 8th grade math teacher. It is with pride that I now use my math experience to teach science.

My formal training began at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where I completed a degree in secondary education with an emphasis in broadfield natural science and chemistry. I later returned to obtain an elementary teaching certification. My informal training began much earlier with teachers and parents who encouraged my interest and enthusiasm for science, allowing me to "experiment" in the kitchen, the garage, and elsewhere--usually involving big messes or loud noises. They stopped short of allowing me to use younger siblings as test subjects.

Seven summers ago I attended a Project Lead The Way (PLTW) training session so that we can offer pre-engineering classes to interested 8th graders. Some of the curriculum will be integrated into general science classes. Students can further that interest in high school.

I spent my summer taking short trips with my parents and my family.  I spent three days in Chicago with my dad, three days with my mom in Milwaukee, three days in Bayfield with my husband, and an overnight trip to Kentucky with my daughters to view the solar eclipse.  

The middle school adopted a new science curriculum called IQWST.  I attended a workshop in June.  As we implement the new curriculum and Next Generation Science Standards, we will question, construct, read, play, write, hypothesize, discuss, and make "big messes".  We will emphasize Common Core math and literacy concepts.  Engineering principles are a part of each unit of study.  Students will be introduced to Systems Thinking principles as we make connections between learning in multiple content areas.  I look forward to igniting in students a fascination for science.

"The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing."
-Albert Einstein-

Science 8-McGowan and Miller