Mr. Schimming
Why Whitewater?

My wife and I decided to move to Whitewater to be closer to both of our families who are within 1 hour driving distance. We are very happy with our move as there are many opportunities for our family. Our 10 year old daughter loves softball, which she played this summer and did well for herself. Much to my delight she spent much of her summer outside playing with the neighbor girls, which is awesome. Love the fact that she wants to be outside as opposed to sitting in the house. Our second daughter is your typical five year old enjoying exploring new things and harrassing her older sister and challenging dad. She loved playing in the water all summer and being outside which is wonderful. She was outside even more than her sister and often needed to be called in at night for supper. She has not locked into any extra things, which is ok, lots of time to get involved in community ed programs.
The 5th member of our family turned 3 in July and everyday is a new adventure for him. Everyday seems like a new adventure with him and he has developed a whitty sense of humor with his replies to questions.  He is loved by his sisters very much and they do a great job including him in their play.

Having many opportunities available to us in Whitewater is what makes this a great community. We feel that Whitewater will provide our family with the opportunity to reach any of our dreams.

We are entering our eleventh year living in Whitewater and really feel at home here.

I am in my eleventh year of teaching at Whitewater Unified School District. Prior to moving to Whitewater I was a math teacher at Necedah, WI. I really enjoy math as it is concrete and we can prove why something works. I look forward to the year teaching 7th grade math, pre-algebra and social studies yet again this year.

For the 2nd year I am coaching 8th grade football and for the 3rd year I will be coaching middle school track. I enjoy the opportunity to see our students outside of the classroom.

I am also the head wrestling coach at Whitewater High School. I began wrestling in 4th grade and competed through high school as well as at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville, where I was an Academic All-American as well as the Male Scholar Athlete of the Year at UW-P.

I enjoy spending time with my daughters who are 10 1/2 year old and almost 6 year old, our son who is three years old, and my wife, extended family, watching college wrestling and walleye fishing, although I was not able to do that over the past year.

I can be reached at 262-472-8307, although the best way to reach me is via email:
I also use Remind101 to send messages to students and parents regarding upcoming tests, projects or events in the classroom. Parents and students can find how to sign up by looking at the class assignment on the first week of school.

The link to our online pre-algebra textbook is
which I've included in the links section on the bottom of this page.

The link for the social studies textbook is:

Social Studies 7 Block 3-Schimming
Pre-Algebra Block 2-Schimming
Math 7 Block 1-Schimming
Math 7 Block 4-Schimming