Christine Wilke
Phone 262-472-8312  Room #5

Why Whitewater?
I have done many different jobs in my adult life.  I bring to Whitewater much in life experiences along with the love to teach.  Why Whitewater? Well, I found it an exciting and growing community that I want to be part of.  My husband works in the community too and the people here are great. Not only is the community giving to me a chance to work with their children and work in the community but it has given me a sense of feeling like part of a family. I enjoy each day and each student I deal with.  
Hello, I am a 7th grade teacher at the Middle School. I teach Math and Algebra and Social Studies. I have been a teacher at Whitewater for 12 years.  I look forward to another exciting year at WMS. I am also the Whitewater High School Boys Golf Coach, and Student Council Adviser at the Middle School. I enjoy all sports especially golf, piano playing, hiking, and spending time with my family. I have two children who are a Junior in College and a Senior in College. My husband is a Whitewater businessman. I have done many different jobs in my life, from Golf Professional to Banker to Manager, and have found working with young adults to be my most challenging along with the most rewarding experience. I love to see how their minds work and their expressions when they finally understand. I always look forward to the coming year and know that my classes will experience some great learning not only from me but from one another.   LET'S HAVE A GREAT YEAR!!!!

My goal for every year is to teach students the importance of math in their lives. Knowing where there resources are along with using the gifts we all have to the best of our abilities. Not everyone loves math, but I want that student to appreciate how important learning math is to their future. I do expect my students to work hard and I promise to work just as hard to help them understand.
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