Whitewater Middle School 7th/8th grade Girls' Volleyball


Welcome to the Middle School Girls' 7th/8th grade Volleyball Team page, the digital home of the 2015 Southern Lakes Conference 7th grade Champions!  The two 7th grade teams last season combined for a 15-1 overall record with both "A" and "B" teams winning their respective leagues.

Coach Reynolds and Coach Linos are excited to begin a new season of WMS Volleyball!  Coach Reynolds will be the 7th grade coach and Coach Linos will continue with last year's 7th graders as they move to 8th grade this year.  
(Unfortunately, there is no volleyball available for 6th graders.)

Over the next 8 weeks we will be adding items to the website, but for now the most important thing to know are the following three dates during the first two weeks of school:

Thursday, September 1:  Introductory meeting and optional practice, 3:30-4:45, in the Middle School gym;
Friday, September 2:  Optional practice, 3:40-4:45.
Tuesday, September 6‚Äč:  Practices begins, 3:40-5:15, in the Middle School gym.  
Please bring your volleyball/running shoes, knee pads, shorts (no, you don't have to wear spandex/volleyball shorts), and a t-shirt in which to practice.

Below is the practice/game schedule for the entire season.  Also, the game schedule will be posted separately.

On game days, one grade level will play at home while the other grade level will be on the road. The first game starts at 3:45pm. We will play on 2 courts at one time for each grade level to maximize the amount of court time for all athletes. Games end at 5:00pm.

Please follow any of the links for more information or feel free to contact the coaches.

2016 Practice/Game Schedule
September 1, 3:30-4:45                              mandatory meeting (will end by 3:50) and optional practice
September 2, 3:40-4:45                             optional practice                                                                                                      
September 6, 3:40-5:15                              1st "official" practice
September 7, 3:40-5:30                             practice
September 8, 3:40-5:15                             practice
September 9, 3:40-5:30                             practice                                                                                                                           
September 12, 3:40-5:30                           practice
September 13, 3:40-5:15                            practice
September 14, 3:40-5:30                           practice
September 15, 3:40-5:15                            practice
September 16, 3:40-5:30                           practice                                                                                                                          
September 19, 3:40-5:30                          GAME: 7th grade HOME, 8th grade AWAY vs. East Troy
September 20, 3:40-5:15                           practice
September 21, 3:40-5:30                           practice
September 22, 3:40-5:30                          GAME:  7th grade AWAY, 8th grade HOME vs. Elkhorn
September 23, 3:40-5:30                          practice                                                                                                                           
September 26, 3:40-5:30                          GAME:  7th grade HOME, 8th grade AWAY vs. Waterford
September 27, 3:40-5:15                           practice
September 28, 3:40-5:30                          practice
September 29, 3:40-5:15                           practice
September 30, 3:40-5:30                          practice                                                                                                                           
October 3, 3:40-5:30                                    GAME:  7th grade HOME, 8th grade AWAY vs. Elkhorn
October 4, 3:40-5:15                                    practice
October 5, 3:40-5:30                                    practice
October 6, 3:40-5:15                                    practice
October 7, 3:40-5:30                                    practice                                                                                                                            
October 10, 3:40-5:30                                GAME:  7th grade AWAY, 8th grade HOME vs. Delavan-Darien
October 11, 3:40-5:15                                  practice
October 12, 3:40-5:30                                 practice
October 13, 3:40-5:30                                GAME:  7th grade HOME, 8th grade AWAY vs. Lake Geneva
October 14, 3:40-5:30                                practice                                                                                                                             
October 17, 3:40-5:30                                 practice
October 18, 3:40-5:30                                GAME:  7th grade AWAY, 8th grade HOME vs. Waterford
October 19, 3:40-5:30                                practice
October 20, 3:40-5:30                               GAME:  7th grade AWAY, 8th grade HOME vs. East Troy
October 21                                                         Off                                                                                                                                        
October 24, 3:40-4:00                                year-end meeting/uniform collection/celebration planning

Contact: Jeff Behrens - WMS Athletic Director