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Come meet your teachers, try out your lockers, and drop off your school supplies.

6th Grade Night at the Museum Field Trip


“This has been the BEST night of my life, so far!” – quote from a student participant

Sixteen 6th graders at Whitewater Middle School slept overnight in the Milwaukee Public Museum as part of a unique field trip offering on May 15-16.  To qualify for participation, students had to be in the 6th grade (MPM required that students be 12 years of age and under) and students were required to submit a 1-2 page essay on why they wanted to participate and what they thought they might learn at the museum.  Essays revealed that many of the students had never been to a museum before. 

Upon arrival at the museum, gear was stored away and students immediately began participating in three different scavenger hunt adventures that required students to use critical thinking as they studied displays to determine how to answer questions from numbered packets that they located.  How students answered the questions determined the number of the next packet that they searched for on the first and second floors of the museum. Students also explored the third floor of the museum in the dark using self-guided packets and flashlights.  Everyone gathered into the Dome theatre for a one-hour 3D movie before bedtime at 11 p.m.  All were awakened at 7 a.m. the next morning.  Sleeping areas were cleared and breakfast was served in the lunchroom followed by a mummy-making challenge for our Whitewater Middle School students.  The first floor of the museum opened early for overnight participants.  Students then spent the rest of the morning revisiting all areas of the museum before returning back to Whitewater.

This trip was organized by Joanne Kyle, Middle School Advanced Learners Coach (formerly known as Gifted and Talented).  Overnight at the Milwaukee Public Museum opportunities are offered several times throughout the year and are especially geared towards families and smaller groups.  For more information, check out the website .



Summer Fun Color Run

The Whitewater Unified Cheer Team is hosting a "Summer Fun Color Run" to help raise money for the Middle School &  NEW High School Cheer leading squads. You can register online or turn in your Registration Forms in any school office. This is an  untimed event with runners being  showered with colored powder, made of food-grade corn starch, at stations along the run. Join us for the AFTERBLAST Party with games, crafts and high energy music, plus photo opportunities. Every entrant receives an exclusive t-shirt to be color-blasted. Email with any questions.  See Quick Links for the downloadable form.
MeeperBots and 3D Printing

Thank you to Jim Brandon, inventor and co-founder of Meeper Technology, Inc., for coming to Whitewater Middle School yesterday and sharing so much of his time and knowledge with us.

MeeperBots & 3D printing was a lot of fun with some great learning! We finally understand how 3D printing works!  MeeperBot 2.0 is expected to be released in just a couple of weeks. We can't wait to see the newest version at!
Arts Immersion Day

WTN Arts Immersion DayArts Immersion Day was held on April 28 at the UW-Whitewater Fine Arts Center. Four seventh grade students were able to choose two sessions that they attended out of nine different offerings. Caroline is displaying the gaping wound that she received participating in the theater make-up session. While there, students also watched the musical “The Furies" and participated in a talk back session with the actors and actresses. 

Arts Immersion Day is an annual 7th and 8th grade event organized and sponsored by the Whitewater Talented and Gifted Network of southeastern Wisconsin.
Mathlete Winners

Whitewater Middle School Mathlete has ended for the year and the results have been tabulated. Sorry 8th graders!  6th and 7th graders rule in Mathlete this year!

This year’s Mathlete winners have been hard-working and amazing students:
            4th place –  6th grader, Crystal Chan, 209 points and 16 weeks of completion
            3rd place – 7th grader, Shawn Chan, 257 points and 16 weeks of completion
2nd place – 7th grader, Sophie Olson, 358 points and 23 weeks of completion
1st place and a 6th grader! – Young Liang, 401 points and 23 weeks of completion
Congratulations to these Mathlete Winners!
A word from Mrs. Callope, WI 2015 Teacher of the Year!

It's great to be back after a surreal week in Washington D.C. - definitely two different worlds for a teacher!  I thought you might enjoy seeing some pictures from the adventure.  They are in random order as some came from our camera and others from my phone, so I'll just let you know they include a social event at the Biden residence, time at the Art Lab at the Smithsonian, a day at the White House, and a black tie event. 
The experience was incredible as we had opportunities to meet and discuss issues in education with staff from the Dept. of Education who actually took notes to share with Arne Duncan, Secretary of Education, and we met with Deb Delisle, the new Assistant Secretary of Elementary and Secondary Education.  And of course, meeting the President was awesome!