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Stained Glass Project 2015

Last week, Whitewater Middle School invited Sonja Kipper to work with our 7th and 8th grade art students. Mrs. Kipper is a local artist and former high school teacher who specializes in stained glass work. For two years, she has teamed up with our students to create a series of stained glass panels that are now on display in the WMS main office. Students had the opportunity to practice the art of glass cutting and also wrapped glass pieces with copper foil to prepare them for soldering. Mrs. Kipper with be joining us again in April to perform her final soldering demonstration before the panel is completed. This year's panel is in the final stages and is scheduled to be installed in the next two months.
7th Grade Math Meet Winners

7th grade Math 24 Meet
On Thursday, March 12, 7th graders from Whitewater Middle School participated in a Math 24 Challenge Meet hosted by Whitewater Middle School. The meet was sponsored by the Whitewater TAG network of area gifted and talented coordinators.  It involved 7th graders from four other area schools in addition to 6 Whitewater students.  Students first played two rounds of the Math 24 game using fraction cards, which involves finding a series of equations to equal 24 using 4 numbers on a card. The final two rounds were played using decimal cards in which students find equations to equal 24, adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing decimal numbers. 
Whitewater students did extremely well, earning all six of the trophies for their top scores as follows: 1st place-Josie Hintz (316 points), 2nd place-Shawn Chan, 3rd place-David Kromholz, 4th place-Jordyn Korf, 5th place Abby Grosinske, 6th place-Colin Chenoweth.
We believe Josie's score may set a record high for our school and it was very exciting to have every student on the team earn a trophy!
Results by school –
Whitewater – 1061 points!
Clinton – 377 points
Waterloo – 265 points
Edgerton – 210 points
Jefferson – 201 points
We are very proud of the entire Math 24 team!  Their hard work and focus really paid off for them.  Congratulations!
It Happened Again!

Congratulations to the 5th and 6th graders that competed in the Whitewater TAG Network Math Meet that was held on March 20th at Whitewater Middle School.  Whitewater students did very well competing against the four other school districts in attendance and we again earned the first place trophies.  Final results were: Whitewater 621 pts., East Troy 603 pts., Edgerton 574 pts., Clinton 556 pts. and Palmyra Eagle 487 pts.
The 6th grade 1st place individual trophy went to Young Liang, Whitewater.  The rest of this very successful team included: 6th graders- Reid Gunnink, Crystal Chan, and Fletcher Crone and 5th graders- Reese Brantmeier, Samantha McKelvey, Christian Fera, and Lucas Castro-Huempfner.

These students will now advance to the MEGA Math Meet that will be held on May 21 at UW-Madison.  We wish them the best of luck.
Congratulations to all of the participating students!  You make Whitewater proud! 
Picture attached - Front (L-R) 5th graders - Lucas Castro-Huempfner, Christian Fera, Reese Brantmeier, Samantha McKelvey
                           Back (L-R) 6th graders - Crystal Chan, Young Liang, Reid Gunnink, Fletcher Crone

6th Grade Math Meet Winners

Congratulations to the 6th grade Math 24 team for an outstanding job in last Thursday’s Math 24 Meet.    Special congratulations go out to Crystal Chan for winning second place individual. Jefferson students worked extra hard this year and would have taken home all of the trophies if not for Crystal. Overall, our school placed second among all five schools competing. Jefferson came in first with 1012 points.  Whitewater students earned 618 points followed by Waterloo with 413, Edgerton with 175, and Clinton with 84 points.  Whitewater Team members included Carson Ellenwood, Young Liang, Fletcher Crone, Reid Gunnink, Kevin Dieter, and Crystal Chan. Each of these students successfully finished in the top half of the scores. Great job everyone!
WMS Takes 1st Place

Congratulations to the 7th and 8th graders that competed in the Whitewater TAG Network Math Meet that was held on March 19th at Whitewater Middle School. Whitewater students did very well competing against the five other school districts in attendance and easily earned the first place trophies.  Final results were: Whitewater 549 pts., East Troy 502 pts., Clinton 416 pts., Edgerton 403 pts., Beloit Turner 351 pts., and Palmyra Eagle 273 pts.

The 7th grade 1st place individual trophy went to Colin Chenoweth, Whitewater.  The 8th grade 1st place individual trophy went to Nick Kuzoff, Whitewater. 
The 7-8 Math team included:
7th graders – Shawn Chan, Colin Chenoweth, Sophie Mayer, and Sophie Olson
8th graders – Zach Brantmeier, Nick Kuzoff, Jaden Pfinder, and Nicole Sedmak
These students will now advance on to a MEGA Math Meet that will be held at Madison College in Madison on May 22.  We wish them good luck and further success!
Congratulations to all of the participating students!  You make Whitewater proud!
Picture attached (L-R) - Nicole Sedmak, Sophie Mayer, Nick Kuzoff, Jaden Pfinder, Colin Chenoweth, Shawn Chan, Zach Brantmeier, and Sophie Olson
Mrs. Callope Wins WI 2014 Teacher of the Year!

Diana Callope, WMS 8th grade teacher, has been selected to represent Wisconsin in the 2014 National Teacher of the Year competition!  This is an incredible honor for her and WUSD!  Congratulations Mrs. Callope!!!!

Click for official press release: