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7th Grade in Washington D.C.

A group of 49 7th grade students from Whitewater Middle School recently traveled to our Nation's Capital to see history and their Social Studies curriculum come alive! Highlights of the trip included a tour of the Capitol Building, a boat ride on the Potomac River to Mt. Vernon, visits to numerous world-class museums and monuments, a tour of Arlington National Cemetery, a Nationals vs. Padres baseball game, and much more. It was an amazing educational experience and students created memories that will last a lifetime.
Mmmmm...Lunch and a Final Exam!

On May 29th, 8th grade students in Spanish class demonstrated their Spanish language knowledge while ordering food from Los Agaves Taco Truck. Students communicated in Spanish to order tacos, burritos, and tortas and were assessed on their Spanish proficiency. After ordering, students enjoyed sampling the tasty food they ordered. ¡Qué rico!
8th Graders Soak Up the Sun

It's that time of year again when 8th graders earn the privilege of having class outside to enjoy the nice spring weather after a very long winter!
WMS Health Fair


Whitewater Middle School Health and Physical Education Departments in partnership with the UW-Whitewater Health Education Department held the 2nd annual Health Fair Friday, May 2nd.  Students in all health and physical education classes had the opportunity to visit exhibits put together by UW-Whitewater students on a variety of health, fitness, and wellness topics.  The students had a fun time gathering information and participating in the numerous activities that were available to them.
7th Grade Studies WWII

Seventh grade students created WWII game boards to facilitate the learning of the events and consequences of the war. Playing the game was the most fun!
MS Fundraising Wraps Up

A reminder to all parent, relatives, and neighbors to save your boxtops and Sentry Funds for Friends receipts! We are currently wrapping up our advisory boxtop challenge on 6-16, but we collect all year. We also collect Sentry receipts all year. Please consider helping us out by saving and clipping all summer!  
Whitewater Arts Alliance's Cultural Arts Center



Whitewater Middle School Wins Academic Bowl Again!

Congratulations to the fifteen 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students that represented Whitewater Middle School at the ninth annual Southern Lakes Middle School Conference Academic Bowl this morning. This year the event was hosted by Whitewater and held in the large group room at Whitewater Middle School.  Delavan-Darien, Elkhorn, Lake Geneva, and Whitewater school districts participated. Whitewater Middle School did exceptionally well earning first place overall for the fifth year in a row with 788 points. Lake Geneva and Elkhorn took second and third place respectively with 740 and 640 points.  All members of the Whitewater team placed in each of their individual events.
The following Whitewater students earned special recognition:
Shawn Chan – 2nd place, 6th grade Math
Colin Chenoweth – 3rd place, 6th grade Science
David Kromholz – 3rd place, 6th grade Social Studies
Sophie Mayer – 1st place, 6th grade Language Arts
Morgan Janovec – 1st place, 6th grade Social Studies (at-large)
Nick Kuzoff – 2nd place, 7th grade Math
Zach Brantmeier – 1st place, 7th grade Science
Josef Gmur – 1st place, 7th grade Social Studies
Grace Ejnik – 1st place, 7th grade Language Arts
Hunter Martin – 3rd place, 7th grade Science (at-large)
Jacob Korf – 2nd Place, 8th grade Math
Connor Steinke – 2nd Place, 8th grade Science
Dalton Chenoweth – 3rd place, 8th grade Social Studies
James Dedrick – 1st Place, 8th grade Language Arts
Zach Gross – 1st Place, 8th grade Science
Additionally, in the current event team event:
Whitewater Team 3 came in 2nd place behind Lake Geneva. Whitewater Team 3 members included: Shawn Chan, Morgan Janovec, Grace Ejnik, Connor Steinke, and Dalton Chenoweth. 
Whitewater Team 1 placed third in the event.  Those team members included Colin Chenoweth, Josef Gmur, Hunter Martin, Jacob Korf, and James Dedrick.

Congratulations to all of the participants for their contributions to the team's overall success and a special thank you for doing a great job representing Whitewater and Whitewater Middle School.  Well Done!

Picture attached (L to R):
Front - (6th graders) David Kromholz, Morgan Janovec, Colin Chenoweth, Shawn Chan, Sophie Mayer
Middle - (7th graders) Hunter Martin, Grace Ejnik, Nick Kuzoff, Josef Gmur, Zach Brantmeier
Back - (8th graders) Zach Gross, Jacob Korf, James Dedrick, Dalton Chenoweth, Connor Steinke